Bodco Limited Brands


BODCO is a New Zealand owned and operated company that supplies to global markets, nutritional and lifestyle milk powder based products. Our New Zealand team of dairy process engineers and hygiene design specialists have specifically designed and constructed a world class pharmaceutical grade dairy manufacturing facility in Hamilton, New Zealand.


BODCO team is made up of world leading dairy specialists and dairy technologist engineers both at a director and project team level. Our team’s core focus is family health and wellbeing and to solidify New Zealand’s position as a world leader in the design, construction and manufacturing of dairy products of the safest and highest quality.


The BODCO facility produces products for the entire family from infant formulas, growing up milks to nutritional powders and a range of whole and skim milk powder products designed for all stages of life. We have engaged key system engineers to deliver world class financial and operational performance systems incorporating quality assurance and product tracing measures to provide complete transparency over the manufacturing process and exceed world class food safety standards and customer confidence.